Medium Consistency Pressure Screen​

Leizhan M.C. Paper Pulp Pressure Screen, the ideal pressure screen for waste paper preparation, special different rotor design allows the paper pulp screen to operate at 1-4% consistency, which can reduce water consumption and fiber loss in the production process.

ZNS Series Medium Consistency Pressure Screen is the advanced international pulp screening equipment. The paper pulp recycling machine pressure screen is a new generation of pulp concentration screening equipment which is absorbed by the international advanced technology and developed by our company.

Application And Features of M.C.  Pressure Screen

The paper mill used pressure screen is suitable for hot screening of wood pulp or straw pulp, rough screening and fine screening of chemical pulp and waste pulp. 

Advantages of  Medium Consistency Pressure Screen

Compared to the general low concentration pressure screen, ZNS Series Medium Consistency Pressure Screen has the features of strong adaptability, energy-saving, water-saving and high production efficiency. And the screen sieve of this paper pulp pressure screening equipment is the the best quality from China.

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